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Könitz FAQ

What are the differences between ceramic, Bone China and porcelain?

Each raw material has a special meaning for the value of the porcelain mass. A high proportion of kaolin is a requirement for the whiteness of the sherds, quartz is responsible for the strength of the shapes and the necessary transparency is achieved by the addition of feldspar.

A small material science

Porcelain, even soft porcelain is the most common of all porcelain types. Basically, porcelain has a dense sherds and a high hardness. It is acid and alkali resistant, tasteless and a poor conductor of heat.

Bone China has a high content of calcium oxide and calcium phosphate, giving it extra transparency and lightness. Bone China is considered particularly high quality. It should be remembered that because of the thin sherds, drinks get cold faster, which is why the Italian prefers to enjoy his espresso made from particularly hard and thick sherds. Finally, the taste decides.

Ceramic is a porous earthenware, which is why ceramic products are provided with a waterproof hard glaze. This glaze would stick on firing, so that the foot usually has no glaze. Care should therefore be taken when using the dishwasher and microwave, as water and extreme heat can damage to glazing.

Are KOENITZ products microwave and dishwasher safe?

In general all of our products are suitable for household usual dishwashers and microwaves. In the field of custom designs we recommend hand wash if the mug includes real gold or platinum, true colours, glow or thermic effects.

Productions for gastronomy or hotel requirement just with inquiry.

Please don't put mugs with real metallic decoration in the microwave!

Did KOENITZ products have a food suitability?

Our production complies with EU-directives or individual specified. Checks are made regular.

Where do the KOENITZ products come from?

We produce on all of our locations - also Made in Germany. In principle development and the print of the decals takes place in Germany.

Do KOENITZ products have a designation of origin?

According to the Product Safety Act of December 2011, we are obliged to provide all items with a postmarked designation of origin. That means that the back stamp of all our products includes our complete address. If you want an alternative solution which agrees with the Product Safety Act, we are happy to advise you on inquiries.

You have any questions?

Contact us! We are looking forward to your call or message and help you with everything!