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Take fresh coffee beans, some hot water, a big portion of something we can’t name and in no time the legendary magic potion created by Miraculix is ready! Stop – it isn’t quite that easy. Otherwise, the Romans would have found out the ingredients in the drink a long time ago and therefore have gained its supernatural powers. Because the resilient Gauls did not want to take this risk, it will probably stay a secret forever. For many people, coffee is a magic potion too, because it cures the tiredness reliably every morning. The perfect vessel is this beautiful mug made by Könitz Porcelain. It depicts a bubbling kettle, from which a wisp of smoke reaches all the way to the inside of the mug. When the mug is empty, you can read a saying in German on the bottom, telling you that there is no more magic potion left. Quick, refill it, before its powers are starting to wear off! With its humorous illustration, this mug makes a nice gift for coffee lovers and Asterix-Fans.

Material Porzellan/Porcelain
Width (mm) 117
Height (mm) 95
Volume (ml) 330
Weight (g) 330


5 of 5 (2 Reviews)

Steffen Werner

at the 18.01.2023

Hallo, ich habe diese Tasse geschenkt bekommen und finde sie mega, aber leider ist auch hier das Problem, dassie wieder nur für Rechtshänder gemacht ist, denn ich lesealles auf dem Kopf und Kaffee ist fertig ist auch auf der falschen Seite.
Wäre toll wenn das auch für Linkshänder angeboten werden würde.


at the 10.08.2018

sehr schön. Sehr gut verpackt.

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