Budget Becher Kc113

Budget Mug

Our Budget Mug

Well, we have to admit that our choice of shapes is extensive…but that’s good so!
After all, there are a variety of different tastes and we want to offer everyone the perfect mug. However, it is perfectly comprehensible that one or the other cannot decide for a shape immediately.

Do you want the highly popular KC2, the bulbous KC143 also lovingly called snuggle mug, the KC159 with its strikingly curved handle or rather something practical for to go such as our KC162 Travelers Mug.

To make your decision a little bit easier to find the perfect mug for your merchandising or promotional product, we select a shape from our range and nominate this to the "Budget Mug". This limited shape will be available as long as it is on our stock.

 The respective shape, which is our "Budget Mug" in the corresponding month, you get at an attractive price. You also can use our cup configurator to design our "Budget Mug". There you will find the monthly updated shape with which you can design your personal mug step by step. Of course, you can choose from all the available printing and finishing options for our "Budget Mug".


Discover our "Budget Mug" of the month and design it to YOUR own individual and personalized mug.